Expertise Areas

As a full-service law firm ILP GLOBAL BITAR LAWYERS, provides services in a wide range of areas, specially:


Litigation is an important area for ILP GLOBAL BITAR LAWYERS therefore, we are aware that our clients rely on the Firm by entrusting the representation of their businesses, based on which our attorneys and law clerks constantly participate in updating courses in order to be able to render a better service. In this area we provide consulting and representation in all kind of civil, business, commercial, administrative, bankruptcy, constitutional protection (amparo) and family trials (including adoptions, divorce, child custody and support). It is important to mention that the scope of service in this area is mainly focused on the representation in any type of ordinary, special and insolvency trials, without limitation on those which are necessary to safeguard the interest of our clients. Special attention is given to collection of credit services through the corresponding legal actions, also we have a department that deals exclusively with extra judicial negotiations and solutions of the businesses entrusted to this Law Firm, either thorough the redocumentation and granting of securities or through payment. In a parallel way, the corresponding trials are initiated in order not to stop or delay the actions aimed to collect, in case an extra judicial settlement is not attained. The litigation area, has the capacity to manage a large amount of trials, including their appeals on local or federal courts, mainly in the metropolitan areas of Mexico City (Distrito Federal), Guadalajara, Monterrey, Veracruz y Cancun.


In other areas, we also represent our clients in trials and administrative procedures, at local or federal authorities, including constitutional protection trials (amparo) against government expropriation, new and modified laws, actions and appeals in administrative matters at all kind of administrative courts or official institutions.


Our services in this area, include the incorporation, handling and legal audit (due diligence) of all kinds of corporations, elaboration and participation in all types of shareholders’ and board of directors´ meetings, for which purpose we have full experience in all those businesses related to mergers, spin-offs, dissolutions, liquidations, assets sales and all kind of joint ventures projects. An important part of our corporate area is the constant communication with our clients, in order to keep a permanent registry and control of all obligations, recordings, authorizations and/or updatings necessary for their activities and operations. Our services in the corporate area include the advice and consulting in tax matters, including all those provisions applicable to the activities, operations and projects of our clients and, should it be the case, all those contained in the tax treaties executed by Mexico. Likewise, our corporate and commercial services include the revision and elaboration of all kind of contracts, agreements and trusts related to, among other matters, construction, financing, acquisition, lease, distribution, joint ventures and rendering of services.


In response to the increasing globalization and participation of foreign investments in the different areas of our economy and the free trade agreements executed by our country, our services include the advice and consulting in all kind of projects and businesses related with foreign investment, as well as the preparation, representation and obtainment of any kind of authorizations, filings and notices before the General Direction of Foreign Investment and /or the National Registry of Foreign Investment.


The acquisitions of goods and the reception of services by entities and bodies of the public sector is one of the most regulated areas in Mexican law, therefore, we have full experience and practice in the advice and consulting in all kind of procedures related to public biddings, restricted invitations and direct awards by the public sector; as from the revision of the call and the basis, elaboration and filing of the proposal and documents provided by the basis, until the awarding and formalization of the corresponding contract(s), including the legal and tax implications of same. Our services in this area contemplate the advice and representation of our clients in all kind of remedies, administrative procedures, trials, appeals, including constitutional protection.


As the result of the increasing globalization and integration of the different economic and commercial activities, members of our law firm have an active participation in the development and application of the antitrust provisions by the Federal Competition Commission, which allows us to advice and represent our clients in all kind of researches, denunciations, authorizations, notices and procedures before said authority.


ILP GLOBAL BITAR LAWYERS has a great experience in all kind of projects related with acquisition, lease and trust of real estate, including those located on the Mexican borders and coasts (restricted zone). In the event of foreigners, either individuals or corporations, is very important to bear in mind the different alternatives and modalities provided by the Foreign Investment Law and its Regulations. Our services in this area include not only the fulfillment of all the applicable obligations (use of soil, construction, licenses, permits, public registry, etc.) but also the advice and consulting which covers the corresponding tax implications, as well.


Our banking and financial services area represents banks,, leasing companies, factoring companies, brokerage houses, exchange houses, bond companies and in general all kind of institutions and auxiliary organizations of credit, in all kind of acts related to their operation and functioning. Members of this Law Firm have participated in different projects regarding financing and loans granted by foreign entities in favor of Mexican individuals and corporations, including the elaboration of the corresponding agreements and the formalization of the securities interest (mortgages, pledges, trusts, etc.) granted.


Arbitration is nowadays a very topical subject and has great acceptance in a huge number of transactions and operations, not only in the international scope, but in local transactions as well. Members of this law firm have considerable experience in this area, acting as arbitrators or representing one party within an arbitration procedure.


In view of the importance of the trademarks, copyrights and the others symbols and information subject of protection, the firm has developed an industrial and intellectual property area, through the rendering of services which comprise the recording, protection and defense of any kind of trademarks, commercial names, industrial designs, patents, utility models and copyrights. Our services in this area include the development, negotiation and preparation of franchise agreements, either domestic or international. The services for the defense and protection of the different intellectual and industrial property rights include the advice and representation in all kind of litigations and procedures against third parties or competent authorities, including constitutional protection.


Besides the areas mentioned before, ILP GLOBAL BITAR Lawyers, and partners ILP GLOBAL ESTUDIO JURÍDICO OTERO (CHILE), ILP GLOBAL GALLEGOS VALAREZO & NEIRA (ECUADOR), ILP GLOBAL LR ABOGADOS (SPAIN) and ILP GLOBAL LAOS, AGUILAR, LIMA & ASOCIADOS (PERÚ), are specialized in other areas of national and international law, commerce and business consulting.

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