ILP GLOBAL (International Lawyer Partners) is an association of law firms from Chile, Ecuador, Spain, Mexico and Peru, which maintaining its identity and commitment to the idiosyncrasy and particularity of their laws, share and maintain a philosophy, project and methodology of common work. Tshey share the vision and challenge of being able to provide a quality service, reliable and expeditious in the different jurisdictions in which they develop their activities, maintaining a close relationship between the partners and its clients, enabling them to directly perceive their needs and requirements.

ILP GLOBAL has been designed as an alternative adaptation by its partners to the global economy, a reality in the provision of services outside the borders of their members, a possibility to grow outside of their geographical areas of influence, enrichment in the training and development of professionals that are part of the team, brainstorming and common development projects in the history of each of their members and customers.


Address: Avda. Apoquindo 3669, piso 13, Las Condes, Santiago – Chile.
Tel.: (+56) 2361 8900 | Fax: (+56) 2361 8999
E-Mail: Contact: Gerardo Otero Alvarado


Address: Avenida Amazonas No 4080 y NNUU Edificio Puerta del Sol; Ofic. 406 Quito – Ecuador
Tel.: (+59) 32 226 1767
Fax: (+59) 32 226 1257
E-Mail: Contact: Juan Carlos Gallegos Happle


Address: Pasaje Sucre 177 Miraflores – Lima 18 – Perú
Tel.: (+51) 1445-8728
Fax: (+51) 1444-5335
E-Mail: Contact: Jaime Aguilar Montero


Address: Paseo de la Castellana 144, 3º – 28046 – Madrid, España
Tel.: (+34) 914 58 24 92
Fax: (+34) 91 457 53 32
E-Mail: Contact: José Luis Cobo Aragones


Dirección: Fürstenhof am Dom Marzellenstraße 2-8 D-50667 Köln - Germany
Tel. (+49)-(0) 221-82829810